Staying at Home? Here are some Tips

You probably know Kids Kitchen for our highly social, highly interactive family cook sessions.

Highly Social, and Highly Interactive. Eeek!

We spend a lot of time breaking down barriers and bringing as many people into sessions as we possibly can – we weren’t expecting that as a community 2020 would be the year we’d need to learn to do the complete opposite.

Please watch this space about all of our sessions – things are liable to change over the next while.

But if you’re already self-isolating with toddlers, kids, even older kids we have some possibilities for you! Being a project spread across the UK, and working flexibly around the busy lives of parents and carers, we do a lot of stuff online. Our training is already live and online and most of our meetings happen that way too.

Inspired by the WONDERFUL Oliver Jeffers, and a host of other lovelies offering their services online (we’ll post links when we can!) we are looking at hosting live Kids Kitchen sessions online. Please give us your thoughts on that over on our Facebook page? But in the meantime here are some tips for keeping connected and filling the day.

Look at cooking meals as an activity to do together

Instead of struggling to cook lunch whilst keeping the kids entertained (more Paw Patrol anyone?!) why not get them involved too?! Get them helping out with chopping, grating, measuring and mixing and preparing together. As a bonus, our sessions often show us that kids are a lot more likely to eat well when they have been involved in preparing the food themselves. This recipe gives you something to get started with, but we have loads more on our network too.

Find Recipes and Share Ideas on our Network

We have loads of recipe ideas from our sessions, and you can ask our session leaders questions about how they’ve worked out how to make cooking dinner an activity in itself… A positive space for VERY FRIENDLY social distancing – and you can share the results of your activity adventures and help inspire others too!

Access our Top Tips Course for Free

We have a course on the skillshare site, you need to create a login but it’s completely free. We’ll send you the link and the recipe to go with it if you pop your email in here.

Food as Fun!

Session Leader Kate has the following ideas: “As well as actually creating meals together, food is the best for ‘messy play’ – just let them explore and play (safely and with direct supervision of course) any food you like – rice or porridge oats and a couple of cups and bowls can keep my 18 month old occupied for ages, just pouring them from one container to another, and add in a couple of diggers and my 3 year old will also be enthralled for hours! With younger children, use it as a lesson in colours, shapes and textures. Older children can practise counting, adding and subtracting, and measuring and weighing provides a great number recognition exercise.

Or play games with it! Get a tray of vegetables and some blind folds and take turns in guessing the vegetable by touch alone. The taste test game is also a good one – again using blindfolds, get them to guess the food through taste.”

Go on an Activity Adventure!

Find out how to make activities of more dinner recipes in our recipe adventure – Gnocci, Tagine and more all with activities alongside.

We’ve also got an Essentials Kit with some useful tools including fun and easy-to-use knives – we may be in this situation for a while so it pays to have the right kit! Plus with the kit is a poster full of words to inspire your toddler cooking conversations on the foggiest of days…

Our training – Cooking from Scratch with Young Children – is completely remote so if you’re interested in learning more you can keep building your skills in self isolation!