Welcome to Kids Kitchen!

Here are two of our simplest recipes we love to use with kids of absolutely any age, tried and tested and guaranteed to while away at least an hour that will be enjoyable for all of you!  And you will even get an edible lunch out of your play…


Simple for kids to make doesn’t have to mean dull, or over-sweet  – our recipes are jam-packed with flavour and just happen to be pretty good for you too.


The first is an example of our instructions that are clear for groups of parents and kids to follow together.  The second is a recipe format.  Both are great for whether or not you’re cooking with others!


After the recipe are some hints and tips from our experience of cooking from scratch with very young kids.


Stay in touch for news of more recipes – all from scratch, all great to make with kids.  PLUS we can help you make Kids Kitchen sessions happen in your area with community membership. Update your preferences here.