Come and get involved with Kids Kitchen! Our sessions are all about food, people and connection, and it’s the same for our organisation. We love meeting new people, welcoming them into our world and working with them to spread the joy of cooking to as many families as possible.

Could you be the next member of the Kids Kitchen team? See below for our current volunteering and job opportunities.

Training and Membership Development Coordinator (Remote)

We have a tried and tested training course, with resources and qualified session leaders with experience to share. We are looking for a colleague who can take what the team has created, give it greater structure and link it to the potential trainees who are looking for it.  This would mean marketing the package, bringing people onto it and supporting people through their journey of creating their own Kids Kitchen session.

Our goal by April 2022:

20 + new trainees recruited to in our group programme and ongoing membership.  A diverse section of both paying and subsidised attendees, with different incomes and backgrounds, engaged in their own learning and supporting each other.

Please have a look at the full role and person specification and get in touch if you are interested.  A taster of the kind of experience and interest you’d need:

• Excited and passionate about building sustainability, creating opportunities for families and improving wellbeing
• Proven experience of manipulating digital tools to both communicate and successfully engage with people.
• Good organisational skills: able to plan and organise dates, times, locations and people and communicate what’s needed
• Experience of creating replicable systems online for recording, automating, communicating
• Have an engaging and friendly presence online
• A proven ability to take a lot of waffle and shine it into crystal clarity!

Deadline: 23rd January 2022.

The role is 10 hrs a week for 10 weeks initially, more info and explanation in the description. 

Session Leader, South East London

Kids Kitchen session leaders lead highly interactive, engaging sessions aiming not just to cook with kids but to engage everyone in an activity that builds community too.

Tasks include:

Planning a menu for each Kids Kitchen session– using provided recipes, your own ideas or in partnership with session attendees (this will depend on the project)
Buying produce according to the session budget from local suppliers where possible
Publicising the session and checking bookings
Including all session attendees – young children and adults – in all aspects of the Kids Kitchen session, from set-up to clear away.
Reflect on each session when it is complete – debrief to the hub lead and complete an evaluation form.
Working within Kids Kitchen values.

You would need to be:

  • Able to deliver engaging group cooking sessions alone and in a team
  • Able to engage both parents and young children

  • Comfortable recording  and reporting on project spending,

  • Friendly and open to all session attendees

  • Confident in the values of kids kitchen

  • Able to delegate and work with other volunteers and session leaders during sessions

Please get in touch if you are interested.  Tell us how you fit each aspect of the above list, and why this role appeals to you.  Email [email protected]  Deadline: 23rd January 2022.


Many of our sessions are completely run by volunteers. Would you like to join them?

You will help with setting up, ensuring the session runs smoothly and with clearing up at the end. Chatting to adults and children, you will help make everyone feel welcome and included. You might get a chance to lead an activity (if you want) and get feedback from families after the session.

If you can’t make it to a session but still want to support us, you can let other parents know about us. If you are a part of local networks – in person or online – like Facebook or Whatsapp groups, PTAs or clubs then you can spread the word about Kids Kitchen and the benefits of coming along to a session. We have lots of ways of reaching new families, but word of mouth is still the best!

If you would like to volunteer with us, please get in contact with your nearest hub. 

Session champions - Herefordshire

We are particularly looking for parent volunteers for our Herefordshire hub session at the moment.

Can you champion our family cooking sessions in Hereford or Leominster?

A completely flexible opportunity which you can do with your child in tow and means you can come to Kids Kitchen sessions for FREE.

You can:

  • Help set up sessions and welcome other parents / carers

  • Spread the word – posting Facebook events in parenting groups, sharing in local WhatsApp groups and sharing on Instagram

  • Pop in to supermarkets, community centres and other places you know to get flyers and posters displayed.

Please get in touch! [email protected]

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If you are interested in leading your own Kids Kitchen sessions, you can join our training programme