Quality food and quality time with your children, with no clutter?

Fear not, we’ve seen your struggle and we’re here to help.


All the excitment and inspiration of a subscription box and none of the plastic packaging!


Nine recipes, sent weekly, for just £5 and each including challenges, recipe variations and ways to get you and your child cooking up a storm together.


YOU choose when you start - so you can make it a New Years' resolution or buy for a friend and let them decide!


From-scratch recipes PLUS ways to involve the kids alongside include full-of-flavour falafel, crunchy and fun vietnamese summer rolls, all tried and tested by our session leaders and families and guaranteed to bring you lunch AND fun :)

9 for 5 Recipe Activities - Weekly to your Inbox


    "Tumble home from work and stumble to the kitchen,Open the fridge to look for ambition and yawn and stretch and then I come to lifeChuck on our aprons and the kids start jumping, washing our hands and the soap is pumpingFolks like us, who are cooking with 9 for 5...!"

    You will receive one fun recipe a week. Each week you'll get:

    Skills for the kids - Challenges - Variations to cook again - and access to our network of other people like you filling the day and cooking with kids! Share your results in our community network!

    And the best thing - by joining us on a recipe journey you’re helping us to raise funds to run much needed sessions in locations that couldn't otherwise afford it.

    On purchase, you'll recieve an activation link by email.   You can forward this as a gift or print the voucher attached.