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Our coordinator is Kate. If you have any questions about our sessions, please email her at

If you are an Early Years professional looking to refer a family, find out about training or partner with us please let us know how we can help.

Volunteer:  Our session volunteers are often parents who are also attending – they give energy and support, welcome new people and get the chat going. If you’d like to volunteer – and perhaps even train to support our sessions too – get in touch!

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WORK it Like a MUM! Podcast with our Founder

In “Motherhood, Entrepreneurship and Community” we take a ramble through being a 100% part time team, working in a great team when you’re still working out what on earth is going on with your life, our supportive training and mentoring programme, being a Community Interest Company… and the fact that Rebecca is a benevolent goddess apparantly 🙂

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