What happens at our sessions?

Kid Kitchen sessions have happened in lots of different spaces, including forests, living rooms, buses and tents. They all end up with the same amazing thing – fun food from scratch!


We start by making sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. The session leader will already have any information about allergies or special needs that you gave when you booked your place and will have planned for these.

The session leader introduces the dish that we will be preparing and the ingredients. This is a great opportunity for everyone to chat about where our food comes from, which ingredients we have tried before and which will be new tastes.


Everyone has a chance to get stuck in! Babies can have a splash or a squeeze. Older children can get their fine motor skills going with chopping, snipping, grating, mashing and stirring. Grown ups are doing the prep alongside their children while getting dinner ideas for home.

And if your child doesn’t want to get stuck in? Well, that’s fine too. We sometimes have toys out to play with (or you’re welcome to bring your own), if we are outside there is space to run around and there is absolutely no pressure to cook.

Eating and sharing

We have a break, a chat and a check in, often with a good cup of tea or coffee for the grown ups.

We sit down and eat together and it’s always – ALWAYS – delicious.

Once we have enjoyed the food we made together, everyone helps to clear up. 


You can join an online session or use some of our ideas for cooking at home. If you think your area would benefit from face-to-face Kids Kitchen sessions, let us know here. And if you or someone you know is interested in leading a session, learn more about our training.

Cooking skills are not needed at all. Sometimes, being a perfect cook is actually not helpful when you’re cooking with a two year old! All our recipes are designed for foggy brains and busy toddlers.

Yes! For example: we have researched the best, safe knives over ten years of doing sessions and have plenty of ideas for the best vegetables to start practising on. Every session leader has checked out all the risks and benefits and we are fully insured.  We avoid actually cooking (heating) in the same space as the children – when we do, it’s in a separate area.

It’s not unusual for a child to have no interest in the thing you’ve worked all morning to get them to! Our best advice would be: have a cup of tea and a chat, enjoy yourself and come back again next time.

This was Aneta’s experience with her son Erik. She kept coming as she loved the company and now she is a hub coordinator and Erik is ten and a great cook!

Please email the hub leader in your area. Our session leaders are trained and we constantly support each other to make our spaces accessible for everyone. We are happy to hear what we can put in place in order to make sure the session meets your needs.

If you find it really hard to get out to sessions, you can always come to an online session. We’d love to see you!

Every single little crumb! We champion vegetables in Kids Kitchen for three amazing reasons – you can get them cheaply, they make us healthier and they are the future of our planet.

You can find out much more in our training course but for now – we look forward to seeing you in a session chock full of veggies soon!

All Kids Kitchen session recipes are without dairy, eggs or meat. When you book your place, you can tell the session leader about other ingredients you need them to avoid and they can plan around it. We’ve not had an allergy request yet that we couldn’t fulfil!

Our mission is as much about making parents and carers feel welcome and included as it is about creating a great experience for kids.

Our sessions leaders are trained to facilitate friendly and inclusive sessions so we ensure no-one gets left out and everyone is happy and comfortable.

Our parent volunteers are around for this reason too. If you’d like to volunteer with your child and make others feel welcome, click here to find out more.

Most sessions have a cost, but are as cheap as we can make them: around £5, with discounts for those on a low wage and for additional siblings. If you choose the session you want to go to, you will see what that particular session costs.

We want to make sure everyone can come, so we often subsidise costs with grants and donations. If you have loved a session and have some cash to spare, please donate and help us do more for another family!

You can book your place online through our website. Bookings usually close two hours before each session, however some fill up in advance so we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.