You Made it Happen!

Wow! What can we say? We’ll start with a massive, heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to, shared and talked about our Crowdfunder. We know that our community is at the heart of our work and you really showed that to us with all your generous donations – both in money and time!

The Crowdfunder has bought us some breathing space. Community centres are still not open, and meeting outdoors is both severely restricted and hugely problematic for young families. As an organisation, working in the spaces and the areas we do, we have many more adjustments to make over the coming months and we are so grateful for your support. For now we can get on with the cooking! But we will continue to search for ways to keep a sustainable organisation – in every sense of the word – in constantly changing times.

We are a social enterprise, many of our aims we are able to make happen through income that we generate – if you would like to boost your kitchen capacity and support us – here are our products.

We also deliver sessions and training for other community organisations such as Housing Associations and Community Groups. Get in touch.

We are delighted that as well as our crowdfunded fundraising we have also been able to secure both shorter term support, and longer term project grants. We wanted to take some time to spotlight all the fantastic people and organisations that help us, and community organisations like us continue their grassroots work.

Affordable, Accessible Training

We’ll be able to bring our training and support to people currently unemployed in Waltham Forest, thanks to The European Social Fund and The Education and Skills Funding Agency.

We’ll also be able to widen access to our training for disadvantaged and vulnerable families thanks to The Woodward Charitable Trust.

We are able to work with both the Leyton Children and Families Hub both cooking and training workers thanks to Trusthouse Charitable Foundation

Online Sessions – and Support to Attend

We can continue our online sessions, and add outreach to support people to join thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund.

Leominster Town Council and the Herefordshire Community Foundation: We are so grateful to the Town Council to have been one of the very first funders that gave us a green light to take a chance on online session delivery back in March. The Community Foundation then followed on, supporting us to continue this work and some much needed outreach alongside, in Herefordshire.

Getting Back Out There

The support of London Catalyst, William Morris Big Local and London Borough of Waltham Forest have helped us to maintain links in East London and will help us to re-establish sessions when we are able.

Big Thanks to our Crowdfunder Donators

Vanessa Kleiner

Urszula Olak

Suwani Gunawardena

Stephen Tully

Sheila Cole

Richard Gillard

Rebecca Wyncoll

Rebecca McLaren

Rachy Rach

Nessa Tierney

Mandy Brydson

Louise Mckinlay

Louise Brent

Lisa Holdsworth

Kim Brydson

Kay Stables

Kathryn stewart

Kate Hepton


Joy Elaine Watkins

Jonathan Shirley

Joanna Mason

Jenny Stables


Jenni Regan

Jayne Garner

J D Boyd

Imogen Sudbery

Helen Crockford

Hannah West

Emma Wes

Ella Waters

Deborah Randall

Dawn Davies

Carolyn Addy

Anja Nyberg

Ally MacDonald