Work with us! Communications

Can you help us with our internal communication, and online engagement this autumn? We are interested in getting someone involved who:

  • Understands the impact we have had with our real-life sessions – by either visiting a session, leading one or being part of our training
  • Can help us use our knowledge and experience to create great resources, inspire excellent conversations in our network and communicate clearly on our social media channels.

Role Overview

We have a flat rate of £15/hr, and have no more than 75 hrs available but we are very flexible about how this work can be done – we could agree a set of work that you could achieve in fewer hours, for a fixed amount for example.

Most of the work is flexible in terms of time, and home based. However we would want you to be available across 2-3 months (September to November) some time each week.

The Tasks:

Creating posts about our services, products and subsidised offers in

  • Our Kids Kitchen network in Mighty Networks
  • Our three social media channels Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Our website

Uploading and administering a short free course on both Udemy and Skillshare

Starting and maintaining conversations in our network and answering questions

Compiling FAQs, resources and templates from the questions that are asked and the content and experience we have

Supporting session leaders and coordinators to report what’s going on in their area, with blog posts / social media posts

Supporting the director to create automated processes and systems (such as the FAQs) that make supporting session leaders, coordinators and community members more easy but still personal.

You would need to have:

· Experience of delivering Kids Kitchen sessions, or attending them

· A calm, friendly, responsive manner both online and offline

· Excellent written English

· Experience of using forms, spreadsheets and mailing services online

· Experience of using Wix for creating and editing websites

· Experience of working flexibly and efficiently on multiple social media platforms

· Confidence making decisions alone, with the ability to work to a specific set of guidelines

· Willingness to work remotely using video calls

· An understanding of, and commitment to our values.

If you are interested, please send us an email by 29th September telling us the following:

  • Why Kids Kitchen, for you?
  • How you fit the role description
  • An example of work that showcases skills that you’d need in this role.