WORK it Like a MUM! Podcast with our Founder

“I completely forgot I described myself as a benevolent goddess!”

Catch Rebecca in Investing in Women’s Work it Like a Mum podcast and get inspired with starting a good idea, growing one or just making a living ‘in the meantime’ before you’re perfect!

Investing in Women have supported our recruitment a number of times and are passionate about flexible work like us – so it was a complete joy to contribute to Elizabeth’s podcast. Thanks for having us Elizabeth!

In “Motherhood, Entrepreneurship and Community” we take a ramble through being a 100% part time team, working in a great team when you’re still working out what on earth is going on with your life, our supportive training and mentoring programme, being a Community Interest Company… and the fact that Rebecca is a benevolent goddess apparantly 🙂

Making Work that Works for You

“The phrase that keeps coming up with us is ‘in the meantime…’ quite often I see offers to get people ‘job-ready’ and ‘back into the workplace’ – the sense of ‘we’ll make you perfect…’ before you are perfect you still need to earn some money and put food on the table. It’s this idea that we might create things for ourselves… in the meantime. We can make jobs for ourselves, make sessions happen for other people… and that can happen in a space that is supportive of each other… and maybe not perfect”

Rebecca and Eva set up Kids Kitchen out of an idea that they wanted for their kids, over ten years ago. As Rebecca explains, it was an idea that seemed to light a fire in other people’s brains too so it’s grown, slowly but surely, ever since. And we’re glad it has because we’re all here now too!