Community Training: Why Kids Kitchen?

Community.  We love our community and helping connect people, and we’ve been making sessions happen for ten years!

When you’re ready, we’ll host your events on our website, promote the sessions on socials and help you get the word out.

We also have an amazing community of other session leaders that help each other out and are available to bounce ideas or thoughts on.  

Don’t worry about recipes, lesson plans and resources.  We have a huge bank available for you to use in your sessions.

If it’s going well and you’re up for it we’ll set you up with a couple of hours of support with our fundraising guru Jennie. We have worked with many funders and partners and can help you to find and apply for funding locally that will help you continue doing what you want to do!

We look forward to welcoming you to the Kids Kitchen Community!

Fill out the form below to receive information straight to your inbox and start your Kids Kitchen journey. More FAQs are answered on our main training page. 

"It brings out skills you may not realise you have and shows you how to do that for others - pass on skills and ideas. It has been set up to be all-inclusive to those with lots to maybe very little cooking experience. It is short and in-depth enough for you to feel you can set up sessions as soon as you complete the course, with continued support from the network, where you can stay in touch with other course attendees"
Kids Kitchen trainee & yoga instructor