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What's worked for us:

  • Set up a Google account (if another exists that supports a form and a linked spreadsheet – great!)o to Google Drive – this is an online space that's yours, that you can create and store documents in. It also means you can create a FORM that people can fill in, leading to a spreadsheet that is secure.

  • Create a new FORM. – start with the text explaining the event:

    • "Join us at [ ] for Fab, Fun Food times.
      From 10.00am to 1.00pm help your kids cook their own delicious healthy lunch from organic and local ingredients without having to worry about the mess. For ages 1-5.
      At 12 we sit down to eat our – always lovely – creation!
      [Insert something about what you'll cook and who you are here]
      There will be lots to do, but also plenty of time to play!
      Please book here – we’ll confirm with an email a few days before.

      FORM HEADINGS                                                                                       

      [Price] includes lunch for your child.

  • Then add headings. You can use the headings below, or create your own

    • Name Email Phone Postcode

    • No. of children ages 1-5 you will bring (younger babies welcome but we don't need to know numbers)

    • Where did you hear about Kids Kitchen?

    • Does your child have any allergies we should be aware of?

    • Which price will you be paying?

    • (Concessions are completely up to you but it's useful for us to know so we can budget)


  • Link your form to a Spreadsheet...

    • View Responses >Name your form >Link to a spreadsheet


  • Share the link with everyone you know! You can do this through embeding in a website (like ours, get in touch if you want to do this) or sharing the link in facebook/ email.

If you have found a better way – please share what you've done and we can add it here!




























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