What will get YOU through?

Please help us with a very short survey by 4th November!

Families with Young Kids – What will help YOU get through the next two months? Like you, we are wondering where to go from here.

Our mission at Kids Kitchen is to combat isolation and build healthy kids – with families with under 5s. But we’re hearing from our families that online sessions can be hard to access and that this lockdown is feeling darker and tougher for families than the last.So how DO we cook together with about 80% of our options closed?We put our heads together and thought about all we have at our fingertips. Recipes – activities – friendly networks – a listening ear – online fun – we have loads of things we can draw on. We’re also lucky that we have some funds to do this with – so we do have options.But we need your perspective.


Please help us by telling us what you think before Wednesday 4th November. Do you have a young child? What will help YOU get through the next two months?Just tick any of the options in the survey – in any of the sections – that you think you might enjoy if it was offered to you in the next two months!  There is space for extra info if you want to add at the end too.

Thanks for your help! Let’s cook good food together!


Photo above borrowed from the lovely Dalston Curve Garden who I’m delighted to tell East London people are OPEN for limited periods during Novembers lockdown. It’s a special place and well worth soaking up it’s beauty. If you know other outside spaces near you please share on our Facebook and Instagram!