• We run Kids Kitchen sessions.

  • Support volunteers to set up and run their own Kids Kitchen style sessions.

  • Facilitate and run training for carers and early years practitioners on cooking with adults and children together.

  • Develop and share resources that help to empower more people to cook real food with young children



We cook delicious meals from scratch with groups of carers and under 5's then we sit and eat together. We call this a Kids Kitchen session. We have run these in cafes, community centres, nurseries and people's front rooms.


The format we use means that in every session we make sure there is time to introduce and talk about the ingredients, the opportunity to meet and chat to the other people in the session, and space to break out and play if anyone wants or needs to.


All our sessions are designed to engage both the adults and the children, making sure everyone is enjoying themselves while learning new skills and building confidence.


We can tailor sessions to meet most requirements, they can run them as block of sessions over time or for one off events. We have worked in doors, out doors and even with out an actual kitchen. If you are interested in booking Kids Kitchen to run sessions in your local community or early years setting please let us know.



Kids Kitchen was started by 2 parent volunteers and we believe in empowering other carers to do the same. We think that this leads to a great sense of shared ownership and helps others to see the ways they can also get involved. It allows sessions to be inclusive, keep the price low and for the volunteers to meet, and build relationships with, different people from the communities they are running sessions in.


We have supported people to start Kids Kitchen in their own houses, friends houses, at local community centres and cafes. We offer training, resources, recipes and online support to those who want to run their own adult and child cooking sessions.


If you are interested in starting your own Kids Kitchen for your friends or in your local area please get in touch with us about Community Membership.




We run training for volunteers and early years professionals on how to run your own Kids Kitchen sessions and cook with young children and their carers.


We tailor each training to meet the needs of the participants.


Areas we can cover include:

  • Recipes and planning

  • How to engage both adults and children.

  • Ways to explore and introduce new food to children and families

  • Venues and how to adapt to different spaces

  • Marketing – how to reach your target audience

  • Booking and pricing


If you would like to book us to run a training for you or your staff please let us know.



We have learnt so much since starting in 2011 and we believe it is important to share our knowledge we have collected since then. This is an ongoing process that includes the training and supporting volunteers as well as developing resources such as recipes and tip sheets. We look forward to doing more of this - if you'd like to hear more please sign up to our mailing list and we'll keep you posted.