What is a Kids Kitchen Session?

A Kids Kitchen session is:


“Adults and children working together to cook

something from scratch.

We get to know each other and what we are

cooking, and there’s always an

opportunity to play.”



Each session includes:

  • An introduction to the food we're going to cook.

  • Two 25 minute sets of co-ordinated food preparation with a break for snacks

  • 20 minutes wash and tidy up with a story or free play

  • Time to get to know each other while we eat our delicious meal together



Why like this? 

Each element fits a value we've agreed is important, and brings something unique to the session. 

Including tidy-up time - it helps us all see how we can fit our cooking in with our childcare, and our play. It also helps everyone running the session have a stake in it. 




Making sure we start with what we're going to cook keeps us all focused and helps kids come in and out of the session without carers feeling they don't know what's going on. 

For more info on all of this come to a training session or read more here on the links on the left.