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Finding a Venue.

The first session we set up was a small community cafe, we knew the space well but the kitchen was on a different floor to the preparation space

so it was logistically quite difficult.

The second two sessions that grew

out of this happened in people's

homes – leading to a relaxed

atmosphere, but sometimes feeling

a bit less accessible and with some

element of stress around

opening your home. 

Since then, we've run sessions in large,

well-resourced community centres,

and outside on the street - so most

locations are possible!

Things to think about when deciding:


  • How big is the area, is it too small or too big for the number you have in mind?

  • Is there a space that's safe and away from any kitchen area for the kids to prep?

  • Is there an area to the side of where the kids will prep that you can set up as a play area?

  • If you are paying for the venue, will the money you charge be able to cover the cost of the venue?

  • Are there enough resources in the venue - if not, do you have the transport to get resources there?

See Money/Budgeting for more on this, and your basic checklist.




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