What do we Need?

Session Resources: Checklist

Most of what you buy will depend on where you will do the session: if it's in your own home, you'll need much less stuff, if it's in a community centre with no kitchen, you'll need LOTS more! ​

These things are pretty essential where ever you are:


  • At least three BIG plastic mixing bowls

  • 15 small plastic bowls

  • 10 small plates

  • 10 'picnic' knives with serated edges or table knives

  • 10 cutlery sets - spoons, forks, spreaders -

  •  about enough for one each

  • 20 plastic cups

  • 1 large tray

  • 4 or 5 chopping boards

  • 2 big table cloths, wipe-clean

  • 2 big washing-up bowls for hand washing throughout


  • Cloths for cleaning tables

  • flannels for wiping hands

  • Handtowels

  • a couple of sharp knives for adults to use.

  • Kid scissors



These things prove very useful - although can be borrowed

  • Small rolling pins

  • lemon squeezer

  • 2 potato mashers

You will rarely need one each of everything - kids all choose

different jobs and are in different places, have different ideas.

So enough to give kids and adults enough to do, but that's all.