Virtual Playgroup – Thursday 11th February: Chop, chop, chop!

We’re all missing our normal groups and activities at the moment! One of the things I miss most is catching up with other parents – and Kids Kitchen Virtual Playgroup is as much for the grown-ups as it is the kids!

  • 45 minute session of fun for the kids with a simple food based sensory play activity
  • We can chat over a hot cuppa- about food, recipes or anything else that takes our fancy – just like a normal playgroup!
  • Theres a full-blown recipe that will see you through to lunch if you’re feeling adventurous (no pressure!)

Our session leaders will be there to facilitate the activity and discussion and to answer your questions and share some tips and ideas.

This week we will be showing you how to get your kids safely helping with the chopping!

Being happy and comfortable with a wide range of different vegetables is one of the best ways to encourage healthy eating – and getting hands on with helping prepare them is a great way to get them interested! As well as chopping, we will be talking about colours, shapes and textures, and of course taste! A real all round learning experience for everyone!

Get your little one set up with a range of different veg – ideally stick with easy to chop options such as baby sweetcorn, peppers, cucumber, mushrooms, tomatoes, plus a chopping board and child safe knife – we really rate the ones in our Kids Kitchen Essentials Pack which you can buy here, but a regular table knife is fine too.

Most kids will sample the veg as they go along, but you could also turn it into a yummy meal such as our delicious cous cous volcanoes recipe – video coming THIS WEEK!!! Or our Shepherdess Pie here.

Book your space on our Happity page here or email Kate at to find out more.