Virtual Christmas Fair This Weekend!


A Christmas Fair without the packed hall, demands to buy plastic tat and a santa that is plainly one of the school governors. It’s the shoes… you can always tell by the shoes.

We’ll be virtually peddling our wares tomorrow and Sunday in the

Family Lockdown Christmas Fair!

The Family Lockdown kids activities Facebook grew out of Lockdown One and is now supporting local business and kids charities with this fair. We’re delighted to be part of it, and can’t wait to share our Family Essentials Kit and Original Aprons with all comers!

Please support us – pop in and like and comment on our post and this will really help us get seen! We’d love to encourage more people to be cooking from scratch in our activities in the coming weeks too!

See you there – we’ll be the ones in the corner between the bric-a-brac and the grotto, scoffing reindeer cookies.