Truly Flexible Work for Parents…?

The start of the year seems to have been full of great conversations about how we ‘do’ work. It’s no surprise as we are recruiting for two positions at the moment but it’s also been a time when we’ve started to reflect on how we have approached flexible work for parents in the last ten years and why.

I don’t think we’ve seen what we do for a long time as ‘proper work’ – but last year we invested created nearly 2000 hours of truly flexible work across a very part time team, making real connections with over 1000 people. Many of these hours happen with kids in tow – and we are lucky in our line of work that this often this brings an added value to what we do even if it sometimes happens out of necessity.

It was great to come across Investing in Women , a job search site dedicated to family friendly employers and see how others are thinking about this – to see how we differ, and how we can improve.

And we were excited to learn about another ethical enterprise and their attempts at ‘un-normaling’ work, starting from really simple things like an email signature explaining your flexible hours. They are Jack and Grace and they do lovely comms 🙂

…And it could have been Jack and Grace that pointed me in the direction of ‘squiggly careers’ – what a great way to describe so many people’s job lives!

Is your career squiggly?!

So many ideas for how we can improve on and share what we do, and it’s only halfway through January! We hope to do more on how we create flexible work for parents – watch this space and sign up to our mailing list to hear more when our squiggly jobs allow!