Cooking from Scratch with Young Children:

Training with Kids Kitchen

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Our mission is more kids and adults cooking from scratch, and we've been doing this since 2011.  Our workshops make this happen - we've trained nursery workers, parents, grandparents and enthusiastic volunteers with varied other jobs! All our session leaders have built their skills in this way.


Now, wherever you are you can access a CPD accredited, interactive course that will bring practical ideas from our family cooking session experience for making cooking with kids:

Fun - Fulfilling for Everyone – Safe - Healthy

Whether you already lead sessions with children, or just want to entertain your own child you’ll get plenty of low-energy ideas, oodles of confidence, ways to find out more for yourself and a big network of other people cooking from scratch with kids!

The course includes three highly interactive training sessions, access to an online networking space with resources and experienced session leaders, and full support to plan your first family cooking activity.  It will take between 6 and 12 hours to complete, depending on your experience and access to Kids Kitchen sessions.  The price is currently £100 for up to two people.

This course is the first step in our Community Membership, and the price is included in the price of membership.  

For those who wish to set up their own session we can also run supported Kids Kitchen sessions - email to see if we can help.

​​"What will you take away from the training...?"


"How to structure a session and ideas to make cooking more inclusive, even at home with my own kids"

"The confidence that I can plan and deliver good quality service."

"That an online session is actually not that bad...!"


“It was good brainstorming the different techniques in words we use to do with cooking: chopping, mixing etc”


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