Training in South East London

We’ll be delivering training for Parents and Communities Together next month:

Aneta – South East London Co-ordinator will be leading the training and says:

“My journey with Kids Kitchen continues.., when I started about 7 years ago I did not know that will be that long, but i still makes me happy and inspires me.

It’s thanks to Eva, my neighbour at the time for inviting me to cook with them for the very first Kids Kitchen session, and Rebecca who over those years has been supporting me and encouraging me to do more. so when I’ve moved with my family to South East London she helped me with our first funding to do sessions here. That was many more years of making sessions happened which helped me to learn how to get funding and collect evidence of our impact, which were great lessons to me. I’ve done probably a couple of hundred sessions through those years, and helped a lots of families and kids inspired them to cook from scratch and all of this with my kids on toes, yes they are part of that journey too!

It’s given me and many others a great relationship to food, people and volunteering in our community.

What is next?

I would like inspire more parents, carers – people who want to cook in their community sharing all experience and resources in our live online training along with Rebecca. You can find out all about it here – and if you’re volunteering with my sessions – you can join for free!

I am also happy to say that I will be training the project Parents and Community Together on 14th October 2019 in Camberwell, here in South London. I’ll be delivering Cooking from Scratch with Young Children to help parents there set up great sessions. Their Cooking Club project has received funding!  Leyla who is Community Organiser has arranged for us to support part of their cooking training – she joined with her daughter last year at a session at St Hugh’s and loved it. We kept in touch since.”

  • If you’d like us to train your staff – find out more about our accredited training here
  • If you’d like to book on the Cooking from Scratch with Young Chldren training and you are volunteer with Aneta, drop her an email on
  • Bookings for the online course close 3rd October. We hope to see you there!