Kids Kitchen Training FAQs

  • A video course covering all the aspects of leading family food activity sessions with young children.
  • Access to experienced session leaders for specific advice that suits your situation.
  • A 1-1 review of your first official session.
  • Templates galore! We’ve done all the things you might think of doing in making a great foodie stay-and-play and we’ll share them all with you.
  • Checklists. Sometimes, you need a template. But sometimes, you just need someone to ask you some really good questions or simply just Tell You What To Do. Especially if you’re sleep deprived! And that’s where the checklists come in. We have lots, including equipment, what questions to ask a venue and where to publicise your sessions.

This is the training that all our session leaders go through.  We’re currently looking for session leaders for new areas that we don’t currently run Kids Kitchen sessions from.  This course will support you to develop your own session.  If you’re currently living near a hub please get in touch via this form and we can let you know the opportunities to train and work with us in that hub.

Not in the traditional sense.  It requires very little initial investment but also won’t make you heaps of money!

Have you heard of a social franchise? No, we hadn’t either. We do like this description though – you will invest some money and time, and get lots of personal skills from the experience PLUS you and fellow parents get a quality stay and play at a time you really need it.

The training costs £250 and then you’ll need to spend approximately £30-£50 on materials.  You can do this on a budget if you require. You may also need to spend some money to run your first few sessions before we can apply for funding, but much of this can be recouped with the charge you can make for sessions.

More info on costs here.

Our aim is to create flexible work for people with current caring responsibilities. If you think you’d find it difficult to pay for the initial training and mentoring, please talk to us. We provide free places if we think that training is going to open doors for a person or a community and help us achieve more of our mission. We can then help you find the funds that are in your area so you can continue on your journey AND get paid.  The enrollment form for the training includes a question where you can tell us your circumstances.

Our training starts on set dates so that you can do it with a community of others.  You can check out our next date as well as our free discovery sessions in our sign-up form.

The training is for those that are interested in becoming Kids Kitchen session leaders or to start their own hub in an area that we don’t currently hold sessions.  However, we understand that circumstances change and it may not be possible for you to join us at the end of the training.  We protect ourselves and only share our full resources library with those running Kids Kids sessions.  You can of course use your training to start non-conflicting sessions in your area.  If you’d learn more about training without becoming a Kids Kitchen leader get in touch to discuss.

No.  The training is self paced.  However, we recommend you complete the training within 6-8 weeks so that you can get started running sessions straight away.

As part of the training packing you may want to use some of our funding support available.  You may also wish to get stuck in as a group of volunteers, and this is also very possible!  Once you’re running your sessions we can set you up with the support that’s right for you.  If it’s appropriate, we can help you to find and apply for funding locally that will help you continue doing what you want to do! 

No.  The majority of our session leaders and partners are self employed.  However, you will become part of our team and receive the support of the Kids Kitchen community with monthly meetings, training and our Mighty Network Community where you can ask questions, get recipes, support and more!

No.  As well as the training cost and equipment costs, you will probably need to cover your own costs when you first start running sessions.  Our aim is to get local funding for your sessions but funding applications are not open year round and you may not receive funding straight away.  As part of the training you’ll get a funding advice session which will help you identify local funding pots and construct applications.


If you have any questions about the training, please email us.

Otherwise, enter your details below to get started.