Train your staff

If you want to deliver your own Kids Kitchen sessions within your setting, you can get our unique training programme for one or more of your staff.

Online course

Your staff member(s) will take part in our online course. This is undertaken independently, with learners moving through the modules at their own pace. These cover nutrition, recipes, health and safety and how to create a welcoming and inclusive environment. 


All trainees on your staff will be invited to join our online network. Here, they can get answers to their questions about the course, connect with other trainees and swap ideas.

Live training

You also have the option to arrange for live group training for your staff, either face-to-face or via video conferencing. 


This depends on how many staff you want to train and the number of mentoring hours. Fill out the form below and we can get back to you to discuss a quote.

You can see all the topics in the course outline here– the Q&A for your team can also cover other issues that are specific to your team.

We have developed our training over ten years of working with a range of families, through our own experience as parents and through working alongside many partner organisations.  Session delivery can be extremely flexible and adapted to a wide range of spaces, but some elements will remain for the session to be successful.  It’s up to you how you use what you learn beyond our training – some people have gone on to use their learning with intergenerational project, in schools and lots more.

Ready to start?

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