Three things to keep you going through the tough bits

Aneta in our South East London hub with some ideas to get you through the days you don’t share on social media…

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“This year has reminded us how important we are as individuals and what community means to us. Nine years ago Kids Kitchen was just a small group of parents who supported each other while cooking together. Now we do the same, just a slightly bigger, more spread out group and we’d like to do the same for you too.

We are now an organisation thinking about local community health, mindfulness, environment and connection. We want to inspire more cooking with kids, but we will always be here to support each other. Life as parent is not easy – it doesn’t matter if your a first time mum or it’s your fifth, you’re a single mum or dad or you’re in a relationship, if you income is small or big, you’re young or have years of experience – we all have our struggles in life and want to share our experience and to heard.

We are friends and we are here for each other and want share with you our tips and stay open to your ideas too.

Reach out. Your real-life social network is one of your best tools for handling stress. Talk to others and if you can’t face to face, at least on the phone or get in touch with online groups. You can come along with a friend to our virtual playgroup…

Give yourself love and compassion. Take time off just even for a few minutes, a nice warm bath, listen to your favourite tunes and maybe a bit of dance, read a book or watch a film or whatever brings you joy.

Cook something easy: the Kids Kitchen bunch know how positive a good Kids Kitchen session is, online or offline. Use one of our recipes, our videos or come to an online cook session and get lunch made for you and your toddler, step by step. You need to make lunch anyway, so why not do this with company! See what we’ve done in the past here, and details of upcoming sessions will be here

We’ll always be here – cooking together as group of parents with the kids, and finding a bit of joy in the present moment of chopping, grating, mashing, mixing… check out this video of Jay for some pure mashing joy!

We may have supported you in very different reasons in the past and you know Kids Kitchen because you came to one of our sessions to learn bit more about healthy cooking , or your child was picky eater, food time was stressful for you and wanted to find family meal idea, or for environment reason and also you get to know you community and make friends.

We can still do all these things – join us in any way you can, even in our network that is full of recipes and ideas – and it’s waiting for your ideas too!

If you find difficult to use computer let us know and how better we can help you. Do you have and question or have some thoughts to share let us know we are here for you and always will be to create stronger community and beautiful future for all of us.