The Inevitable Coronavirus Post

It will be no surprise to anyone that face-to-face Kids Kitchen sessions are completely suspended for the foreseeable future.

Our sessions reach a wide range of people – and we’re worried we won’t be able to reach some of those people in the coming months. Our situation was already precarious, as we wait for decisions on funding bids to carry on working with the 1000+ people in our areas in the next year too. It’s a worrying time, and we know it is for you too.

We are however excited that we are already an organisation that works remotely, flexibly and we’re up to this new challenge so –

Family Cooking is Going Online!

Every Tuesday 11am from 31st March you can attend a Kids Kitchen Session with two of our session leaders, online.

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We’ll tell you what you need – it will be simple, easy to get hold of and it will need minimal brain power from you 🙂

All ages are welcome – we usually work with under 5s and their parents/carers so what we plan is geared to this age group but you are all welcome to get stuck in and we have cooked with all ages!

These sessions will be completely free and available for all with a device – phone, laptop, tablet etc.

We’ll be hosting them on Zoom – you’ll be able to see other families cooking, as well as the session leaders, but the camera for you is completely optional!

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Can’t wait til 31st March?!

Get ready with our free top tips course, hosted on skillshare. We’ll send you a link when you tick the ‘free pizza’ box here 🙂

Join our friendly, free network of people cooking with kids. Recipes from sessions get posted here, ideas and results of our food adventures…

Check out Aneta’s posts next week on Instagram (and other social media) for food activities that pass the time and get mealtimes sorted. Aneta leads sessions in South East London and is full of ideas from over 6 years of cooking with kids…

Get prepped with our essentials kits here

If you’d like to know more about Zoom, our director Rebecca is running free sessions to get to know it.

Nationwide Covid-19 support group information for those that need it is here.

Stay well and see you soon!