The Cost of Living and Food Basics.

Jack Monroe (Cooking on a Bootstrap – we LOVE her simple burger recipe) wrote this week about the real cost of living in the UK right now and what the inflation data doesn’t tell us. Whilst the cost of living is high across the board – basics have rocketed in price, what I also got from her twitter thread is how some ready meals – already packed with filler ingredients – haven’t shifted in price.

Raw and basic ingredients just aren’t prioritised as the thing to be buying, by anyone. It’s still cheapest but not often easiest to cook from scratch – you need a kitchen, some time, energy, a few skills etc etc, but this is made far more difficult by how hard it is to market plain old vegetables. And while we have a food system that is a merry-go-round of marketing and waste, managing the cost of living will feel like an uphill battle.

Keeping ingredients simple, raw and making activities out of what we do means we get as much fun out of those veggies as possible before they head into our bellies. And we’re proud to partner with community larders, food surplus projects and community gardens in the areas we run Kids Kitchens so that we can always have our eye on good cheap or free food – and shout about it! If you want to collaborate, please get in touch.

In the meantime, dinner needs making. Here’s a simple recipe activity video that’s one of Aneta’s favourites, hearty with lots of basics. She’s cooking it in this video with her sons. It’s delicious, has simple ingredients and it will go a long way. Plenty more recipe ideas in our network too!