Are there safe kids knives?

small hands chopping herbs with a green plastic knife and snipping mushrooms with red kids scissors
Young children can chop many things in the kitchen with safe knives and scissors.

How do you involve very young children in the kitchen – are there safe kids knives?

During our sessions, we realised that many parents come reluctant to let small children use kitchen knives. They are absolutely right to feel that a sharp kitchen knife is not meant to be used by young children!

We cook with young children – under 5’s – and their families, so we were looking for the most suitable tool to get little hands involved in doing some of the chopping and cutting. Alongside cutting with kids scissors, tearing leaves, using pastry cutters etc – we tried a number of knives.

We tried spreaders, white plastic picnic knives, table knives, colourful knives. None of them did the job quite how we would have liked it. They were too brittle, too bendy, too blunt, too sharp.

We found the solution!

One day, after numerous attempts and internet searches we came across the plastic knives that we believe to be the best safe kids knife. When we started using our plastic knives in Kids Kitchen sessions, the positive feedback that we received was overwhelming. Parents were excited to see their little children doing jobs that are usually carried out by adults. They wanted to take the knives home. Shaped like a normal ‘table’ knife that you would use for your dinner, they are just a lot lighter but still strong.

green and yellow plastic knives with a mini rolling pin, red kids scissors, a pastry brush and two posters in the Kids Kitchen Essentials Kit
Our Essentials kit contains too colourful, very light and easy-to-handle knives.

The knives that you will find in the Kids Kitchen Essentials Kit have been tried and tested by many parents and small children who cooked their own meals from scratch when attending one of our sessions. You can also see them in action in our recipe activity videos! (A table knife will work nearly as well too…)

Say goodbye to solo chopping and hello to tandem chopping. Happy cooking!