Information and Resources for Kids Kitchen Team Members

Where Things Are


We keep some things in Google Drive - because it is easily shareable and updateable.  Access either with a link, or using a personal gmail account.

We keep other things in a Dropbox folder as this is a good way of keeping things archived and stored, but it uses a lot of storage space and costs money for lots of people to have access. Access with your own email address.

We post links to lots of documents and info in the 'organisers' section of our Kids Kitchen Network - which is a more chatty place to share where things are and how to use things.  Join the network here.  Password reminder here.

Who We Are


Team Page is here.  Please let us know some info and a picture so we can include you!

About us gives a good overview of how we got to where we are, including our Theory of Change- basically how and why we do what we do!

Here are a few of the documents and links you will need most regularly.  Please ask for other links as and when you feel you need them.


  • Are in 'Pictures' folder of the Kids Kitchen Google Drive.   Anyone can access and upload to this folder, with a phone or computer,  with this link.  After sessions, this is where you can put most of the photos you have taken.  More about what to upload and how at the end of sessions in the organisers group.

Templates for Session Leaders

Shared Documents
  • Work Plans, Essential Login Info, Monitoring forms and spreadsheets - these can mostly be found in the Google Drive, and are shared when needed.  Some have a link that needs a password, others are a link that will be in your email.

Policies, Job Descriptions, Project Archives, etc
  • In the Kids Kitchen Dropbox.  This is a larger folder and is harder to share as it fills your computer up so is used less for day-to-day stuff.  The Kids Kitchen Dropbox Folder is shared with your email address.

  • Many induction documents including instructions for the website / bookings etc will be in the dropbox, but also linked and explained in the 'Organisers' section of the Kids Kitchen Network.  Most of the above documents will also be linked there too. Invoicing, Session details are the most likely you'll look at first.