Spotlight on: The South East London Team

In January, the South East London team started a project funded by Isla Vulnerable Families Project, offering free fresh ingredients delivered to their door. Like a recipe box but with a kid’s activity. Included are printed recipe cards and tips, plus an online video to help them cook the meal with their family, as well as access to the Kids Kitchen community.

We knew how crucial it was to support families through this winter and we hoped our free family cooking activity could provide a source of fun for families too.

Aneta, coordinator, reflects on what the team managed to achieve:

“Our team had so many complementary skills to make this project successful. Cat organized all the admin, contacting many different Lewisham organizations like Downham Mutal Aid, Food Banks, talking about the project and engaging families with positive chat over the phone. Kemi was directly delivering bags – her enthusiasm brought a very positive response. Families coming to collect food parcels at the Food Bank were very happy to be able to take a bag of ingredients and a recipe for their children to cook a meal and the feedback from the organisations we worked with was so positive.

I was delighted to see such dedication and also to have two women with me who made me able to plan better and also communicate this project as coordinator.

As a result, we’ve distributed over 100 bags and build so many relationships with individual families, checking in regularly over this difficult period.

When I joined a group of cooking parents and their kids almost 10 years ago with my first son because I did not want to be alone, after me and my son loving it and returning many times, I realised this was going to be somewhere I can share my value as a person and expand. During all those years people have come and go but all of them have brought beautiful values of their own, and that is why we are still here. We are doing this together as people who want to take action to bring some positive into their local community. It doesn’t matter how big or small your or your child’s idea is – we are here and you are seen.

Stay connected with us – face to face sessions coming to South East London soon!