Spotlight on… Baby Bank Sessions

Thanks to Mayor of London funding we delivered pop-up sessions at a Baby Bank in East London this year. We’d love to carry this on – people have been very keen and enjoyed the sessions. You can help us make this happen by joining our recipe challenge! Order by 17th August for the first 10 weeks, first recipe 17th August.

Kids Kitchen Pop-Ups at the Baby Bank

The Baby Bank is like a food bank but for baby essentials. Lloyd Park Children’s Charity have been running a baby bank since 2013 – they collect new and pre-loved items for newborns to 5 year olds from the local community and give them to families who are in urgent need of help.

Our session leaders have been running family cooking alongside these activities. It has been well received, created a more homely atmosphere and we’ve all had a good meal too!

Carmen – East London coordinator says:

“There are a few regular mums that keep coming to our sessions. There is one young mum who usually helps get us all started. We have a real range of people that come – obviously their main reason is to get support and resources, we are just a part of this. There are some that aren’t too involved but sometimes eat, and there are mums that join in with a 5 months old in one arm and chopping veggies with the other arm! And parents love to chat to other people in the community – these sessions are completely free and open to all.

We’ve had parents say “cooking? I do enough of that at home!” and they end up joining in and eating…! We feel welcomed by the Baby Bank volunteers and staff and are really happy we were able to do this and hope we can continue.”

You can support these sessions to continue by signing up to our £10 recipe challenge – and encouraging your friends to be part of it too!

If you’re in the area, you can find out how to donate directly to the baby bank here.

If you have an idea for a sessions we could fundraise for next, please get in touch.