Special Guest on the 1st of July at Aldriche Way East London: Fyn from Junior Bake Off!

Come, join us and cook with Fyn: a very talented, charming and confident young man. As you know the little ones will be so much more impressed if a big kid is leading the session rather than a boring old grown up!

This is quite the new experience for Kids Kitchen. We are a small organisation doing our best to be a support to parents in the community and introduce children to the joys of veg. And this connection with such a beloved and well known show felt a bit “Hollywood” at first.

But then we met Fyn who is so lovely, so excited about cooking and coming up with recipes, and his mum who is clearly just very supportive of his love of baking and cooking and we thought: this is actually a really good fit!

We are working again in Aldriche Way in E4 as we have done for the past year or so. We love the place and we are really hoping we can build a community around our sessions there. So when Fyn picked this venue to join us for we were delighted. It’s a special place for us.

I was still thinking about what to cook for the session but Fyn came to our meeting super prepared, he already had recipe ideas which could fit our set up (we will be cooking outside at the Shade) which is a bit more basic than what he had to work with in the Bake Off tent!

We are so looking forward to welcoming you all for this special session. You can book HERE