South East London: Summer session at Wildcats Wilderness

We had a fantastic session at one of our favourite summer venues, Wildcat Wilderness. Set in a community green space we had a fully booked session with lots of little ones and their parents.

On the menu was a Kids Kitchen favourite, cous cous volcanoes. The children got involved with all the cutting, snipping and chopping vegetables as well as stiring the cous cous and assembling the cous cous volcanoes with tomato sauce. We also made an end of summer sweet treat of rolled oats power balls – sticky messy fun!

The kids loved the session and so many parents commented on the unique and exciting location. “I love the fact that my children can cook outside in a green space which is so different to the environment in which we live and have around us” said one parent.

As with all Kids Kitchen sessions there was lots of chatting and playing amongst the cooking and we finished off with enjoying a delicious lunch in the outdoors – a welcome treat this summer!

About Wildcat Wilderness: Wild Cat Wilderness is a community green space in Catford coordinated by the Rushey Green Time Bank, which is a local charity. It is a natural wilderness off Catford Hill, which you can help shape and get involved in by volunteering. It is your community space where you can explore nature and the wildlife, play or relax in its peacefulness, learn new outdoor skills or crafts, share and enjoy the space with other local people of all ages, cultures, faiths and abilities.