Sessions | South East London | Summer term

A note from Aneta… more sessions to come – and you can be part of it too!

Last month we were back to live sessions here with a wonderful partner Wildcat Wilderness – we’ll continue monthly sessions on Fridays till September. Sessions already have big interest so make sure you keep eye on it. We’re taking bookings through Happity and places are open to book from the 1st of each month. Wildcat is a green space on Catford and has an outdoor classroom that we can use even when it’s raining.

And we are hoping for more locations too: this week I have been visiting the beautiful Farmstead Road Community Garden where we hope to start in July with Phoenix Community Housing Association.

There are also a few other exciting options for us in collaboration with Goldsmiths Community Centre around gardening and cooking.

We have some enthusiastic trainees, in the process of completing our course and certification and looking forward to leading sessions! You can meet them at our coming sessions and if you think you’d like to join the team yourself, please get in touch. You can volunteer at a session – and our interactive online course is ready for you to start (with options for free spaces!) I am here to help you guide you mentoring you, we can do so much more together.