South East London Hub – October 2022

Parents and children cooking together at a Kids Kitchen session in South East London

We’re well and truly into autumn now and UK has already enjoyed the usual mix of wild weather and summer-esque sunshine. It’s a beautiful time of year here, and there is plenty to keep having your fun still in the garden and some cooking outside if you’re planning a visit.

In October we’ll have our last 2 sessions outdoors before we take a break till spring and 1 session indoors which will continue over winter. You will have the opportunity to join us around your preferences   

First Wildcat Wilderness on 8th Saturday morning, outdoor cooking using some seasonal vegetables and herbs will cook some warm meal and eat together between trees 

Parents and children cooking together at a Kids Kitchen session in South East London

Beckenham Place Park – 11th Tuesday in the growing volunteering hub garden you will get to cook with your children harvesting veg straight from the soil. At the end of the session, we will all sit down, share the food we cooked and perhaps grow our own vegetable tips! and we have still places to book 

And Bellingham – 14th Friday We’ll make lunch together everything from scratch lots of chopping, cutting, mixing, grating, and kneading before we all eat together. Great space to play too and meet other local families 

This month we will have again our wonderful guest from Horniman Museum with their very interesting extra kids activity 

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Our session volunteers are often parents who are also attending – they give energy and support, welcome new people and get the chat going. If you’d like to volunteer – and perhaps even train to support our sessions too – get in touch!


South East London Team