Snipping and Stir Fries: Kids Kitchen Tips

Scissors are a great way of practising fine motor skills while cooking. Scissors are also handy if you’ve only got one chopping board and someone else is using it (or more likely in my kitchen it’s piled up in the sink waiting to be washed…) Kids can snip ingredients straight into a bowl. There are lots of ingredients that lend themselves brilliantly to scissor snipping; spring onions, herbs, greens, spinach, more exotic vegetables like pak choi, even red peppers and green beans. That’s almost a whole stir fry! The other good thing about snipping is that it tends to be something the kids get really engaged in and can take a little while, distracting them for long enough to get on with something else. (And nobody is going to judge you if that ‘something else’ is putting the kettle on! Giving yourself time to breathe during a hectic day with kids is VITAL ).We have a great little set of scissors in our essentials kit, along with a few other tools that will pass the time too! Find it, and more, on the ‘shop’ section of our website.