Family Cooking Essentials Kit


Kitchen equipment for your little one PLUS recipes



Because kids, kitchens AND the people that look after them need a little boost from time to time!

For your little one: handy bits of kit to extend the fun, fill hours of creative play and get stuck in to some skills too.   Each part of the kit has loads of ideas in our top tips that comes alongside. See product info for full list.

And for YOU – our inspirational poster has magical properties.  We guarantee you’ll be inspired into a fun activity with one glance at our poster – even through foggy sleep deprived brains!  Thanks to Design Jam for such an ace design.

Plastic-free packaging – and genuinely useful, durable kit – great eco gift 🙂


You’ve already got most of what you need to get cooking healthy and creative recipes with your little one. Why not take it to the next level with our handy essentials.

  • Two of our tried and tested, light-weight child-safe knives 
  • Silicone pastry brush – painting pops up a lot in kids cooking!
  • Child-friendly scissors – plenty of snipping opportunities in the kitchen  (if you’d like left handed scissors tell us)
  • A rolling pin – dough and pastry are the MOST fun and fill hours of playtime!

And for you…

  • an inspirational poster to inspire a fun activity on the groggiest of days!
  • Top tips to get the most out of your cooking adventure with a young one.


Photo:  Lisa Puplett Brand Buddle