Share your experience – help us make a GREAT online kids cooking hub!

Share your experiences in this questionnaire…

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t get out to a kids activity?

Last year was difficult for everyone – it required a lot of adaptation, isolation and hardship and within our Kids Kitchen team we were fortunate enough to be able to adapt to some families’ needs and change our way of working.

And we learned something. For many people, online sessions and videos really clicked!

One parent mentioned that she hadn’t taken her child to an in-person before because they had sensory processing difficulties. And another was delighted – her son loves a screen and it got him more interested in the kitchen than he’d ever been!

This got us thinking – how we can make family cooking accessible for all?

Help us make an online hub that works for YOU

We are planning to launch an online hub – toddler activities with support and a friendly face, a network to keep in touch, and a simple way to engage with things (like short videos) if you don’t make the session.

We’d love this hub to be useful for a parent who just can’t leave the house right now, has no activities nearby, or a child who can’t stand a group activity but loves to play with flour!

We need YOUR help to get this right. Can you answer this very quick questionnaire and help us make our online hub accessible and fun?! THANK YOU!

You can keep up to date with the hub by signing up here 🙂