Session Leader Spotlight: Lois, Mid Devon Hub

How did you hear about Kids Kitchen?

Through an advert for a job to join the team in a different capacity. I then decided to join the online training programme with the idea to set up a hub in my own area.

Why did you want to join Kids Kitchen?

The whole ethos of Kids Kitchen matches my own interests and the things I really care about very closely. I am passionate about the need for us to be much more considerate of our planet, and I see the way we produce, transport and consume food as being central to this. By teaching children (and their adults) the skills to prepare their food from scratch using local, seasonal and plant based ingredients, we are ensuring the next generation are better prepared to make our food system more sustainable. The approach Kids Kitchen takes to prioritise savoury and nutritious food is something I also really believe in- having fun with lots of different vegetables is such a great way of tackling fussy eating and creating lasting positive food associations.

What did you get out of the training?

I gained the confidence and skills to set up sessions in my area and create a whole new hub in Mid Devon, which I would never have felt able to do prior to the training. The ongoing support and Kids Kitchen community has also been invaluable in helping me find my way through this process, apply for funding to make it financially sustainable, and to know that I’m part of something bigger.

What have bYour highlights? (this may have been covered in the feedback but anything else let me know)

How are your sessions helping your local community?

I live in a rural area of Mid Devon and have been running the sessions in my village. Aside from a weekly playgroup there is little else in the village aimed at young children and their parents. The sessions I have run so far have been well attended and have brought parents and children together, giving everyone something fun and fulfilling to make their week more enjoyable!

Final thoughts

My 4 year old son has loved helping me set up and run the sessions, as well as developing and taste testing the recipes beforehand. Despite my love of food, to my dismay he has always been quite a picky eater. I have tried lots of different approaches to try and get him to accept new foods, including growing our own fruit and vegetables and involving him in the kitchen at home whenever possible. However, since I’ve started involving him in Kids Kitchen he has suddenly switched to eating a wide range of vegetables including things such as broccoli and spinach that would have previously been ‘untouchable’! I definitely think that his engagement with the sessions (and the responsibility of being my co-session leader) have had a massive impact on his eating habits, which I am so happy about. I hope (and really believe) we can have a similarly positive impact for many more children coming along to Kids Kitchen.


If you’d like to get involved in our Mid Devon hub you can find future sessions here. Lois is also looking for volunteers to help her out at her sessios. Contact Lois directly on to find out more.

Our online training programme starts on 26th September. If you’d like to find out more join us on Monday 12th September for our free Discovery Session. Register your interest here and either join us live or watch back later (we’ll send out the recording to those registered).