Session Champions – Herefordshire

“I’ve met so many wonderful people, parents, session leaders, volunteers and inspiring people running incredible projects. Kid’s Kitchen has opened my eyes to projects and places – it’s also alerted me to how vital it is to connect parents and carers together who may be dealing with isolation, PND and whatever life is throwing at them at the time. It connects our incredible community bringing people together with food, which can only be a great thing. So proud to be part of Kid’s Kitchen…”

Our hub sessions are funded – which means that we can pay session leaders to organise and lead them. But all sessions are supported by parents and carers – coming along, making others feel welcome and crucially spreading the words to other baby /toddler groups, church halls, shop windows, telling friends on social media.

Can you champion our family cooking sessions in Hereford or Leominster? A completely flexible opportunity which you can do with your child in tow and will include the cost of Kids Kitchen sessions. You can:

  • Help set up sessions and welcome other parents / carers
  • Spread the word – posting Facebook events in parenting groups, sharing in local Whatsapp groups and sharing on Instagram
  • Pop in to supermarkets, community centres and other places you know to get flyers and posters displayed.

Please get in touch!