September 2019 in South East London

Welcome in September, Did everyone have a good Summer? We had an amazing Summer meeting a lots of you in Family Friendly Festivals making outdoor meals, to inspire you for more cooking together

Hope you are all great and ready for some cooking with us.

We are happy to be back with new ideas and recipes also one new venue at Beckenham Place Park in the beautiful gardener’s cottage near the playground.

Session will take place once a month:

Tuesdays Beckenham Place Park, Wednesdays for Bellingham and Thursday will stay for Anearly/ Penge people for our the longest partner St Hughs Community Centre.

All the dates you can find out on our website and social media accounts.

This September 2019 will be remembered by me especially as my youngest son starts his reception so no longer be able to join me on sessions in the week time. Very emotional – as the whole Kids Kitchen story started for me through my two boys with whom I love cooking, so I will need yo to keep me company this term! Come with your young one and help me cook and make sessions fun in South East London!

Aneta, South East London Coordinator

Come and find out how to cook and eat more healthy in relaxing, supportive and friendly environment.

We are looking for volunteers!

If you would like to be part of  Kids Kitchen session – helping to set up, cook, plan, and read the book for kids on break – please email on To continue we need a group of people to run it – you can do this with your child.