September in SE London…

Hi everyone, hope you ve been enjoying the great sunshine. We want to let you know what exciting things we be been doing and what we have planned from September onwards.

We continued cooking on line with families and their children right through lock down and our recipes are as popular as ever! Especially the cauliflower curry and veggie burgers. Log in to see the receipted and ingredients if you haven’t already.

We will continue with our Tuesdays on line cooking sessions, at 11am, from 8 September 2020, with exciting new recipes. You don’t want to miss it. Be sure to click book a session.

We also hope to have at least one face to face meet up session with Wildcat Wilderness in September. Watch out for this and do join us. We will keep to social distancing measures.

And guess what? It’s training time. Ever wondered how kids kitchen actually works? Well ponder no more! We will be doing online Kids Kitchen course “How to run kids kitchen session” in October for 3 weeks 1 hour theory and support from us. Keep a look out for this. Skills you develop from this training and from following a cooking session can help in securing gainful employment of that’s what you’re looking for. Email us at to find more about how we can support you into work.

Finally our analysis shows us that a number of people are accessing the recipes and ingredients list for the many delicious and healthy food that we cook. But less of you actually join us online for a cooking session and we would like to know what might be holding you back? Again email us if there is anything in particular that makes it difficult for you to join our online session. Is your broadband slow? We might be able to give you tips on how to get this faster. Also something as simple as buying a cheap stand for your mobile phone would make it so much easier to follow our on line cooking session.

Contact us, let’s know how we can help you get cooking online.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and see you in September as we prepare for the ‘new normal’.

Aneta and Kemi