SE London Hub in September and Lots more

I can’t believe it’s already nearing the end of the summer. I hope that all of you and your families have had a wonderful few weeks together and managed to have some time away enjoying the great British weather!

From 1st September, we will be returning to something that resembles ‘the good old days’ with a few tweaks, you can book a class for you and your kids in three different options and we will offer free places to ALL Phoenix Residents.

For all outdoor activities, we’ll continue cooking at WildCat Wilderness, Catford and Beckenham Place Park.

We will be back at Goldsmiths Community Centre for regular monthly sessions and the first one is on Thursday 16th September.

We are very excited to welcome you back with new recipe ideas and a new session leader to remind us all that we still creating and growing together!

Book your class using these links:

16th and 23rd September /Thursday Goldsmiths Comunnity Centre Kids Kitchen | Baby & Toddler Classes London | Happity

17th September / Friday WildCat Wilderness Kids Kitchen | Baby & Toddler Classes London | Happity21st September / Tuesday Beckenham Blace Park Kids Kitchen | Baby & Toddler Classes Beckenham | Happity

During Autumn and Winter, we will be delivering Kids Kitchen ingredients bags to Phoenix Residents if you live in the area or have a friend who does please get in touch.

We’re looking for some enthusiastic new volunteers to help with the sessions and ingredients bag. Are you interested in grabbing a new challenge and supporting kids cooking for happier healthier families? The skills and experience in our team are varied If you live in South East London and would like to help and, why not? train to become a session leader yourself, If you could spare some time and would like to use it in your community, please get in touch with

See you all soon for the community, health and environment, fun pack cooking classes