Saturday 18th – Weekend Family Online Cookalong!

**all ages welcome**

Looking for a way to reconnect with the kids after a long week of school?

Why not join us on Saturday afternoon for a relaxed and fun family cookalong session?

These friendly, interactive online sessions have proved really popular in the past – and we are thrilled to be bringing our fantastic session leaders Molly and Kate from our Herefordshire Hub, to a screen near you again this month!

We will be talking you through our Hummus Rainbow Wraps recipe – including making the hummus from scratch! It’s easier than you think so grab your kids – toddlers, teenagers and everyone in between – and join us in the kitchen (or whatever free space you have!) whilst we talk you through this delicious, healthy recipe!

All you need for the recipe is at the end of the post.

This is the second of three sessions run in collaboration with The Big Skill, teaching and developing skills within the community by providing friendly, accessible workshops and activities for all. The third session will be on Saturday 6th November where we will be making Mini Tarts.

If you want to join us, for either session, follow the link to book here! There is a small admin fee which helps us to Keep Kids Kitchen Cooking!

And to find out about future sessions on weekdays – the Virtual Playgroup will be back on 7th October!!! More soon – sign up to hear about online or join our wonderful online community on The Mighty Network!

Weekend Cookalong: What You’ll Need

Everything we aim to cook together is chosen to be simple and straight forward, but will result in something delicious that the entire family will enjoy! As with all our sessions, we use cheap, easily accessible ingredients and encourage you to adapt the recipes depending on what you have in the cupboard – we are always happy to discuss different options during the session. Getting the kids involved is always our aim but please don’t worry if they aren’t in the mood to cooperate – we’ve all been there and our sessions are always fun, friendly and absolutely no pressure! You don’t even need to have your camera on if you don’t want to!

All you will need is:

  • Chickpeas (or tinned beans would work too!)
  • Lemon (or lime!)
  • Herbs – fresh or dried, parsley or coriander work well
  • Oil eg. olive oil
  • Tortilla wraps (or pitta bread)
  • Assorted veg – the more colourful the better! Peppers, carrots, spring onion, tomato, anything you fancy!
  • Garlic


  • Bowls – large and small
  • Chopping board
  • Child safe knife – a normal table knife works fine and / or grater
  • Masher (or a fork)