Kids Kitchen Recipe Sharing 

In the Recipes section are all recipes that we've used for the two hour Kids Kitchen sessions. 

On this page you can add your OWN recipes so that together we can create a bank of resources for all to share, whoever you are and whatever your interest is. 


Tell us about the recipes that worked for you in the form bellow.

It very simple and easy to do!

1.Add a file, which is a document which has your recipe on it.

2. Add an image if you have one, images are great because they entice people to read  your recipe.

3. In the large box just give us a sentence or two about why you like cooking this recipe with your little one/ or why you think its a good recipe for little ones/why you like the recipe in general.

We will credit you for your recipe and then share it on our recipe page for all to enjoy.

Who knows if we get a lot of recipes maybe together we can create a Kids Kitchen Community Cookbook