Recipes bags in the community

recipe bags at Pl84u Al-Suffa

We’ve been busy distributing recipe bags across our hubs for the past couple of months.

In East London we’ve distributed 95 bags, in Cheltenham 40 bags, Herefordshire has distributed 20 so far and our SE London hub has done over 50. That’s over 200 families receiving a delicious food bag across our hubs to make and enjoy at home.

Our recipe bags include everything a family needs to make a meal from scratch. Recipes have include mince pies, bean burgers and lentil bolognese. Our session leaders, buy and pack all the ingredients and pop them in a bag alongside a recipe card, which can then be used again and again. Volunteers like Farooq (pictured) from PL84U Al-Suffa help distribute the bags once we drop them off.

Our bags have gone to the Cheltenham Food Bank, Saving Souls Hub, Angel Face Community Space, PL84U Al-Suffa and Highams Park Food Aid in East London.

This was all made possible by Awards for All (Lottery Community Fund).