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What a fantastic year and what a fantastic project!
We have been running Recipe Club in the London Borough of Waltham Forest since April 2022. Families would get a bag with the ingredients to cook 2 meals and a recipe card with easy to follow instruction and tips on how to get the kids involved in the cooking. 
We have met so many wonderful families and made some incredible connections across the borough. More than 60 families cooked our recipes on a regular basis, we delivered over 600 bags of fresh and delicious produce, we come up with more than 60 different plant based recipes (not once resorting to processed protein!). 
Local and seasonal produce with minimal/environmentally friendly packaging was used wherever possible. In addition, we teamed up with our long term partner Hornbeam to support redistribution of surplus food as well as raiding our gardens for herbs!
Thank you to all the families who have taken part, all our partners organisations and council staff who have supported us in this project!
You can pick up a booklet about the project in many venues in Waltham Forest – check out our blog below for more info! Or you can download it HERE for a short period of time.
If you’d like to continue cooking with us come to one of our cooking sessions, you can book below.
Check out the Recipe Club recipes we cooked this year in the blog posts below
If you are interested in bringing something like this to your area please contact Sarah
If you were part of the Recipe Club please give us your feedback here:
It is crucial for us to show impact in order to get more funding for projects like this.

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