Recipe Club with the Early Help Team in Waltham Forest

We are soooo excited about Recipe Club Waltham Forest!

Everything you need for two recipes a week plus activities and tips if you’re in the mood – contact your Early Help Practitioner and join us

In the last few years we have collaborated with many teams within London Borough of Waltham Forest who work with families and young children. Together we have offered families opportunities to cook together from scratch and have fun in the kitchen. Sometimes in face to face sessions, sometimes through our recipe bags.

And now we are scaling it up! This project has the potential to reach so many families in the borough. We are going to take away some of the stress of feeding a growing family. Early Help practitioners will invite families to join and Kids Kitchen will take them on a journey to discover just how fun dinner can be when you cook with your kids!

As local parents we know how hard it is sometimes to put food on the table. People across the borough are struggling with rising cost-of-living and food prices, and with time and ideas on how to get dinner made. We thought we could help and so did the Early Help team!

So here we are, with our colourful, fun, healthy recipe bags and our dynamic network of parents who have lived through it all and can support families to cook together.

If your family is being supported by the Early Help team contact them directly for an invitation.  And if you’d like to help, check out our volunteer roles!

If this is something that might interest your organisations please contact us