Bringing our Summer Plans Online!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Summer’s here! Usually we would usually be out and about, popping up at festivals and events. Though in the UK we're no strangers to a summer indoors, usually our events go ahead come rain or shine. This year looks a little different, so we’ve been finding new ways we can bring people together to cook delicious food.

A Garden Party in the Air

Last week, we collaborated with Artillery for Walthamstow Garden Party In The Air for a special inter-generational cooking session inspired by Grandad’s Island by Benji Davies. Everyone in the family put their artist hats on to sculpt some fun creatures that might live on the island - and we have to say, the results were pretty impressive!

“I confess I was a little sceptical about how Kids Kitchen transfers online and it's brill!” - Morag, Artillery Arts

We had some session regulars, old friends and new faces making snakes, elephants, rabbits, cats and snails. Staying connected and finding time for fun is so important, so it's fab that events like these are finding ways to go ahead. Walthamstow Garden Party In