Making a Kids Kitchen Happen: Covering your Costs

Kids Kitchen make affordable family cooking happen - and we also help other people to make sessions happen too. After our training sessions, people are often interested in how it's practically possible to make this work. Here are some first ideas about how you might be able to find funds for both running sessions - and the training itself. There are no links - just ideas - so it's must less likely to go out of date!

We can support most other aspects of how to make a session happen through our community membership.

Covering your Costs through a session charge

If you've got a room you can use - perhaps a local community space is keen to have more activities - your session charge might only need to cover the cost of ingredients and some kit. If you are making a session happen for your child too, you may be happy to do the session as a volunteer - or as a group of volunteer parents. Kids Kitchen started as two parent volunteers and many other sessions since have happened with kids in tow!

If you want to get paid for your time, the costs will be higher and this is when some small local grants might come in handy.