Kids Kitchen Online: 11th of August Gozleme

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

"My son wanted to make three batches in one day!"

Sometimes the kids will get extra excited and super into it. Maybe even too into it... Sometimes they won't. Both of those are ok with us.

This is the last session before we take a break (we'll be back on the 1st of September, refreshed and ready to inspire again) and we thought we'll do another dough recipe as the kids love it.

Next Tuesday - Kelda will take the reins and, with Alice's help, make gozleme! We'll make a salad of tomato and cucumber on the side which you could turn into gazpacho if you wanted to (more on that during the session, it's a long story...).

Book here!

(Bookings will close at 10.15am Tuesday, and after that you'll receive an email with a 'zoom' link to join. Room opens 10.45am, session starts 11am) What you might find useful:

Chopping Board